Bonded bridge or Maryland bridge
Our patient is sporting a new smile with a Maryland bridge for her front teeth.

What a great smile.

This is Ms. Happy with her new bridge and her new smile. She was Ms. Sad for a few years after losing her two front teeth. She first came to the office wearing a flipper to replace her two front teeth. Flippers are removable pieces of plastic with teeth attached. Flippers are poor alternatives to implants or bridges.

The treatment.

I discussed several types of treatment including implants, conventional bridges and removable appliances. I presented a Maryland bridge treatment plan. We bond Maryland bridges to the inside of the upper front teeth.

The visits.

I require two visits to make a Maryland bridges. I modified the inside of the upper teeth at the first visit. Sight modifications were required. After that my assistant Kim and I took impressions of her upper and lower teeth. We sent the impressions off to By Design Dental Lab in Atlanta Georgia.

I bonded the bridge in place at the second visit. Of course, we all celebrated. You can see how happy she is.

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