11 and growing

11 year old with impacted upper canines

a confident smile

Three years later she has great smile

The making of a great smile:

This star soft ball league pitcher has a confident smile.  Cassie was coming to our office, as you can see, since she was a kid. As she was getting older in what marketers call the ‘tween’ years or between ten and twelve we notice that she was on the path to  upper or maxillary impacted canines.

We were able to produce a great result with expansion therapy and no extractions.  What is expansion therapy?  For years expansion therapy meant expanding the upper arch with a ‘Hryax’ appliance forcing the upper teeth to move outward toward the teeth.  Upper teeth should cover the lower teeth like a lid on a can.  If the upper back teeth are inside the lower teeth  it is called a cross bite.  Expanding the arch sideways  puts the cusps of the upper teeth on the outside of the lower teeth.  You can check out non extraction orthodontics at https://nextortho.com/

Much is written in dentistry about whether it is better to do this quickly (rapid palatal expansion) or slowly.  For those of you who have listened to orthodontists or dentists discussing this, it basically doesn’t matter.  Studies show you can get to the same end point either way.

The treatment:

We can also expand an arch by pushing the six year molars backward (distally in dental talk).  Some times dentists use head gear.  For Cassie we used a cemented appliance to move the molars backward and create space for the canines to come into the arch or smile.

We did orthodontic treatment during her growth years.

This is a good example of properly timing treatment to get the maximum result during a growth spurt.  Proper growth and orthodontic evaluation is part of our office practice.  We welcome you to our office if you would like your children to benefit as this young woman has and obtain a confident smile.


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